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Me and the Key

Me and the Key

Game Name: Me and the Key

Game Categories: Puzzle Games  Educational Games  Hidden Object Games  Skill Games 
Test your mind with Me and the Key!
You must play Me and the Key if you are eager to play a game that tests your mental agility. This fun game puts your mental strength to a true test, as each level requires you to think carefully and find a solution to obtain a key and go on to the next level. It may take a few tries for you to find the solution, but once you do it becomes very logical and a pattern becomes evident. If you are the kind of person who likes to take time to complete a challenge, you will enjoy Me and the Key very much. If you are not very patient, this free online flash game will help you develop patience while you have fun. Me and the Key is simple in nature, unlike other skill games which have many graphics and sounds. The simplicity highlights the challenge that you have to take on, making it easier for you to find a quick solution. Train your brain with Me and the Key; it´s the perfect way to sharpen your mind while you take a break!
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