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Metal Slug 5

Metal Slug 5

Game Name: Metal Slug 5

Game Categories: Metal Slug  Arcade Games  War Games  Action Games  Bloody Games  Shooting Games  
Metal Slug 5: The Last Army Confrontation
Metal Slug 5 is the last one from the Metal slug series and it is the best one so far. The graphics are a little bit enhanced than the other games from the series and the idea of the Metal Slug 5 game is changed a little bit. You will not be able to jump because you will fight undead people that can be killed in a split of a second with your shotgun. Thus, the game is simpler than the other Metal slug versions. Metal Slug 5 takes you in a futuristic war world with robots and undead people who have captured the entire army. This way you will not have to kill army men but release them from captivity. In conclusion, the army confrontation becomes an undead and robotic one. Metal Slug 5 can be played online for free at Pukmo and this is probably the best deal for this interesting flash war fighting game.

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