Music Catch 2

Game Name: Music Catch 2

Game Categories: Music Games  Educational Games  Skill Games  More Skill Games  
The Sweet Sound of Music Catch 2
Music Catch 2 is the next installment to the Music Catch franchise. It is a cool music game with a lot of twists and turns. Like the original version, you would be controlling a mouse cursor that would collect all the shapes in the screen. As you collect more shapes, your score would also go up. However, in Music Catch 2, the shapes of the items are quite different from the original free version. You would need to focus your concentration on the color of the objects rather than trying to catch the shapes. If you catch the red shapes, you would have a reduction on your combo hence you would have a lower score. The technique is that you should never be tricked by the notes. Try to listen to the music so that you will know when the notes would pop out. Just like in the old game, Music Catch 2 is all about timing. You need to use your timing to play and you need to have a good ear in order to win Music Catch 2.

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