Music Catch

Game Name: Music Catch

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A Musical game Called Music Catch
If you want a concerto game with a twist then you should really try out Music Catch. This flash based music game is based on pianos and notes. This application is all about great music coupled with a lot of mouse moving. In Music Catch, you would be controlling a mouse cursor, also named as a catcher, and you would be moving it throughout the screen. There are actually four types of colored objects that you would see on the screen. The first one is the red shapes which are known to be the bad notes. Blue shapes are for your score. The yellow one would also add to your score while the violet ones would be the bonuses.  The objective of Music Catch is to move from one shape without touching the red shapes. You do not have to worry about how the shapes would be formed since the music would help you navigate through the game. This is actually how you play Music Catch.
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