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Game Name: Mysteriez

Game Categories: Hidden Object Games  Skill Games  
Mysteriez is one of Hidden Object Games
Mysteriez is another point and click free online game that is somehow similar to other point-and-click computer games. Mysteriez is a time constraint game, wherein your opponent is the system itself. The player needs to find several items for them to win the current level and thus bringing them to the next level. The free game is then focus on looking for numbers instead of looking for different objects. Not sure though on the downloadable version if it is still going to be numbers that the player will still look for. But the free online version of Mysteriez will only let the player look for a series of numbers given on the right side panel of the game. There are other hidden object free online games that are better compare to the game of Mysteriez, but then again, it is still different in some ways, and another free online hidden object game to try and have fun with.

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