Game Name: Onslaught

Game Categories: Tower Defence Games  Action Games  Adventure Games  Strategy Games  
Onslaught: Tower Defense and Strategy
Onslaught is another flash type tower defense game. It is available online and everyone can play this game for free. Onslaught is not much different from the other tower defense games. The purpose of the Onslaught game is protecting your territory from invaders. You will have a predestined amount of time for setting up your defense and you will be attacked after this time is off. If you will use your resources in a proper manner, you will be able to defend your base from your enemies. Onslaught 2.2 is the newest version of this game for now and it is preferred by the tower defense amateurs. Onslaught is mainly a simple game but it needs coherent and strategy thinking in order to be successful while playing it. There are many places where you can place the defense towers as well as many types of towers available so you should take some time and think before you act during the Onslaught game play.

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