Painting Game

Game Name: Painting Game

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Painting Game: Bamm Bamm of The Flintstones Coloring Game
Painting game is a well made internet game that allows you to color Flintstones family pictures. It is made in flash but it has certain elements that make this painting game so great. For example, the color panel is made of wood so this brings a prehistoric scent to every picture. Also, the pictures are nice and the colors match perfectly in the Flintstones cartoons of the painting game. There are a lot of free online painting games and this one is surely one of the best. Also, you will enjoy the fact that there are several pictures for you to color and the color palette is not very wide. This way you will not have a lot of choices to make while coloring your favorite cartoon heroes. All in all, painting game is a great choice for your kid and it will make him spend a quiet and fun afternoon with his favorite cartoon characters.
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