Pappas Pizza

Game Name: Pappas Pizza

Game Categories: Restaurant Games  Cooking Games  Kitchen Games  Time Management Games  Pizza Games  
Pappas Pizza: Become the best pizza cook!
Pappa needs to keep Pappas Pizza, his restaurant, open so he can help his family! This free pizza game, also called Pappas Pizza, requires an ability to put ingredients together quickly and memorizing where each ingredient is. How long the restaurant stays open and how successful it is depends on how fast you can cook pizzas. In this Pappas Pizza game you must follow the instructions for each pizza and place ingredients as quickly as you can, so your orders do not get backed up. The faster you cook the more pizzas you make and the more money you get. If you do not hurry, you will lose money and the restaurant will have to close. Once you get to cero dollars, it means that game is over, but if you kept the restaurant open for many days then you will get a high score! Pappas Pizza shows how fast you have to be in the pizza business, an experience you would have gotten to work for but now you can get it online and for free! Will you keep Pappas Pizza open long enough to become the biggest Pappa in town? Play Pappas Pizza and figure it out!

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