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Pie Game

Pie Game

Game Name: Pie Game

Game Categories: Cooking Games  Pie Games  
Pie Game: Baking without the hassle
Pie Game is a cool online cooking game. Do you love baking but hate to make a mess in the kitchen? With Pie Game you can learn how to bake a Boston cream pie step by step, all in a free online flash game! The scenery is soothing and the baking is relaxing, but you must remember to work quickly and effectively, as you are being graded on your baking skills. At the end in this Pie Game, you will get a score from one to five stars. This cake game includes the ingredients and the precise order in which you have to mix them in order to get the Pie Game best results. All you have to do is click at the right items in the right order and watch carefully as your cake cooks. Watching how a cake is cooked and participating in the cooking is a great way to learn, especially if you can do it in a game first like Pie Game! Once you have gotten enough practice you could try cooking this delicious Pie in your own kitchen.

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