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Game Name: Pingpong

Game Categories: Ping Pong Games  Sports Games  Mini Games  Skill Games  
Pingpong: Keeping the Ball on the Table
Pingpong is one of the simplest flash games you can play online today. The main idea of this Pingpong game is keeping the ball on top of the table by using your ping pong palette. This is a very old game that ping pong players use for enhancing their game. Pingpong is not very easy to play because if you hit the ball defectively you will have a lot of problems with keeping it on the destined surface. Among other free games you can play on the Internet, Pingpong is a good game which will kill the boredom very fast. Many people like this game especially because it is so simple and they only use their mouse for playing this game. In conclusion, you will like Pingpong whether you are a ping pong player or just want to kill a few minutes from your work break.

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