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Pistol Training

Pistol Training

Game Name: Pistol Training

Game Categories: Gun Games  Target Shooting Games  Shooting Games  Skill Games  Action Games  
Pistol Training game is just like the real thing!
Pistol Training is a game in which you can try out different guns and shoot at targets from different distances. Completely free and available to play online, Pistol Training is a flash game that holds amazing resemblance to a real shooting range. You will be amazing at how realistic this game is, unlike other gun games in which shooting is unnaturally accurate. Taking aim in Pistol Training takes patience, as it features the normal shaking and not completely fixed aim that one gets in real life. In addition, after shooting you get the recoil effect, which is very well executed and not too distracting. Part of the appeal of this game is trying out the different guns and feeling the difference in the aim, steadiness and recoil in each. Once you have shot in the shortest distance, the medium distance won?t seem so hard, and with a bit of practice you will get to the farthest distance without much trouble. Highly recommended for gun lovers and amateurs alike, Pistol Training is guaranteed to satisfy.

Game Tag: weapon games  
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