Potty Racers

Game Name: Potty Racers

Game Categories: Funny Games  Skill Games  Fun Games  Adventure Games  
Potty Racers: Take the ride of your life
A Porta Potty seems an unlikely candidate for a race car, but in Potty Racers it isnt! Customize your Porta Potty and race it down hills to win points. This flash game, Potty Racers, is insane and fun! Unlike anything you have ever experienced in an online flash game, Potty Racers will catch your attention and keep you playing. Hilarity is a fantastic ingredient in this game: watch small bits of poo fall off the Potty as it races! Once you have figured out how the Potty Racers basics, you will keep racing and building up points to upgrade your Potty. Beat the records for distance and unlock more hills. Each hill gets tougher, but upgrades get better and racing becomes easier. Upgrades you can buy include rockets that make you go higher, wheels that make your Potty go faster, and stunts for your driver to make (hint: these stunts give you a higher score and a higher score means more points!) Play Potty Racers and tell your friends you rode a Porta Potty (and liked it!)

Game Tag: jump games  jumping games  
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