Punk o Matic

Game Name: Punk o Matic

Game Categories: Music Games  Educational Games  Skill Games  More Skill Games  
Create Real Music with Punk o Matic
If you want to play a cool free game while making some neat songs then Punk o Matic is for you. This type of application utilizes the power of music games through the use of buttons and flash control. You would be selecting a couple of buttons connected to your makeshift band. The buttons correspond to the type of track you want to play. Rather than older music based applications on internet, Punk o Matic corresponds to buttons and numbers. You need to select from one to ten and your makeshift band would be playing the tracks for you. Punk o Matic has a lot of tones for you to choose so you do not have to be a rocket scientist to control all the tones. The tracks would then be played as you press the play button. Imagine, through some buttons and the Punk o Matic, you can actually make a song.

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