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Game Name: Pyromasters

Game Categories: Bomberman  Arcade Games  Multiplayer Games  Adventure Games  
Pyromasters Presents Arcade Bombing Game
Pyromasters is one of the most complete arcade bombing games on the Internet. If you liked bombing games in the past, you will enjoy this simple arcade game between two little bomber men. The purpose of the game is killing your opponent with your bombs. Pyromasters is made on the skeleton of Dyna which is an old flash game. You can find Pyromasters online and if you want to play it you do not have to spend a dime as the full version of the game is available for free at Pukmo. The storyline is lacking but people usually do not expect storylines from bombing games. You can see Pyromasters as a 1 on 1 bombing game through different mazes. This is the best description for the game because killing the other bomber man is the main purpose of the game. Of course, you should watch out and avoid killing yourself either in Pyromasters.

Game Tag: bombing games  bomb games  
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