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Rails of War

Rails of War

Game Name: Rails of War

Game Categories: Train Games  Driving Games  War Games  Action Games  
Rails of War: Trains in Terror
Rails of War creates an imaginary world where trains can shoot at each other. This is the main idea of the game. Further from that, the game itself is pretty nice because of the decent graphics for a flash game and because of the interesting story. The purpose of the Rails of War game is killing your enemies and completing the missions on the rails. For example, you might have to carry some wagons to their destination and meanwhile you need to defend yourself from other trains, tanks and planes which will keep shooting at you. You can play Rails of War for free at Pukmo and this makes it a good option when you want to play something easy online. On the other hand, at higher levels the game gets really hard as the number of your enemies and the difficulty of the missions both increase drastically.

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