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Rockface Rescue

Rockface Rescue

Game Name: Rockface Rescue

Game Categories: Helicopter Game  Action Games  Skill Games  Physics Games  
Rockface Rescue: A Helicopter Rescue Game
Rockface Rescue is not an average helicopter game. This is because you do not need to shoot your enemies. As its name says, you will have to steer your helicopter as good as you can and rescue victims. This is the main facet of the Rockface Rescue game. Of course, the graphics is pretty good for a flash game. Also, the fact that it is available online for free is another big plus for the game. Rockface Rescue is all about keeping your balance. It is inspired from true facts as every year helicopter rescuers risk their lives for saving victims of avalanches or mountain falls. In Rockface Rescue you will be put in the skin of these rescuers. In conclusion, Rockface Rescue is a game that puts together a helicopter based game with the real facts of rescuing victims of the mountains. This is what makes it so different from the other helicopter games.

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