Roly Poly Cannon 3

Blast the evil guys with Roly Poly Cannon 3
Roly Poly Cannon 3 is the typical flash game in which you have to kill the bad guys but not the good guys in the scene. This free online game has a twist, though: the bad and good guys are roly polys, and the whole game has a steam-punk feel to it. Your only weapon in Roly Poly Cannon 3 is cannon with bombs that have a three-second delay from the time they come into contact with something. That can either help you or make things worse, depending on how well you use the cannon! In each level there are bad roly polys you must kill without touching the good guys. Use levers, walls and anything you can imagine as props to get the bombs to go in the right direction while playing Roly Poly Cannon 3. Aim and patience will be two skills you will need to succeed in this game. How good are you with cannon? Test your abilities with Roly Poly Cannon 3!

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