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Game Name: Skywire

Game Categories: Platform Games  Adventure Games  Fun Games  Roller Coaster�Games 
Soar through skies and danger with Skywire
Skywire is a free online flash game with cute, colorful graphics and a simple yet complicated plot. Your task is to conduct a small car attached to a wire. The wire twists up and down in all sorts of shapes, lines and hoops, and the destination is somewhere after all those twists and turns. Your car has three passengers, and every time you hit or crash with something one of them falls out in Skywire. Your goal is to get at least one of them to safety. For every passenger that arrives safely at the destination you get a bonus. Playing Skywire and getting to the final stop is not easy, though, as there are many flying obstacles, monsters that go up and down or drop bombs on you, trying to get you to fail your mission!  Remember: you can only crash into things twice, and each crash means you lose someone. In Skywire you will have to stop in the middle of a loop, slow down on falls, and play many times to get it 100% right. Enter this wonderful world of fun and become the master of the Skywire 1!
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