Spot Difference

Game Name: Spot Difference

Game Categories: Spot the Difference  Skill Games  Educational Games  Puzzle Games  
Spot Difference Presents Sunny Differences
Spot Difference games are usually liked by those who have a good observation spirit. However, those who do not can try these games as well for improving it. Spot Difference is a very easy game at the first levels because you only have to spot 1 out of three differences. However, this free online game gets harder and harder because the pictures get more and more complicated as well. The time you need for spotting the differences increases and many times you will end up a level without spotting any difference. Thus, you will have to try the Spot Difference entertainment all over again. Being a flash game, the pictures are not very realistic but they are great for spotting differences and for training your eyes. All in all, Spot Difference may be one of the best games of its kind because the difficulty of the game increases gradually.

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