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Stick RPG

Stick RPG

Game Name: Stick RPG

Game Categories: RPG Games  Adventure Games  Stick Games  Action Games  
Stick RPG, both one of the Sticks and RPGs
Stick RPG is an online RPG game that is one of those games that you may not want to consider the graphics itself, for as from the title implies, it is a Stick RPG. Have you ever drawn a stick figure before? Well, the answer for that would be yes, especially that is the usual first drawing children were taught to make. Stick RPG though from its low-end quality graphics, offers a good RPG gameplay. The environment of this game is still pretty much in a low-end quality, but in a more drawn manner. Stick RPG is different somehow from other RPG games, from the main reason that it is not focus on dungeons and dragons or medieval theme, as with most of the other RPG games in the market, but it is somehow drawn to a metro city way of life. Not much for a recommendation for serious RPG players, but nevertheless, a fresh change so it seems.

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