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Storm the House 2

Storm the House 2

Storm the House 2 is castle defense game for shooting game players.
Fun Facts on Storm the House 2
One of the most colorful flash games of all time is Storm the House 2. It is a 'defend the castle' type of game wherein you would be shooting various enemies as they approach your fortifications. If you want to play Storm the House 2 game you just need to visit Pukmo more often. The application is children friendly and it can be played by kids of all ages.  Each level is comprises of days. The more days you enter the more enemies that would get to you. The page starts with the main menu screen. In the main menu, you would be able to choose the toughness and you would also find the instructions panel. Storm the House 2 is a fairly easy to control and you only have to move your mouse in order to aim and shoot. Like many other games in different categories, you can also play Storm the House 2 without ever paying a single cent.
Storm the House 2 online game with a motto 'Let's Deux this' has 4 different complexity levels: Easy, Normal, Hard and Why God? If you are a beginner game player, it is strongly advised that you start with easy level and whenever you succeed in Storm the House 2, you go further the harder levels step by step.