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Super Mario 63

Super Mario 63

Game Name: Super Mario 63

Game Categories: Mario Games  Arcade Games  Adventure Games  Platform Games  Fun Games  
Super Mario 63 - A Little bit Difficult
Super Mario 63 rocks! If you have ever wanted to play a different Mario game that keeps the features of the classic games and be able to do it online, then you must definitely try Super Mario 63! This flash game resembles the Super Mario 64 game but with all the capabilities of an online game, including easy-to-use controls and great graphics without the need of a high-performance console. In this game you will be able to jump, land on birds and fly on them, swim underwater and more! Super Mario 63 takes Mario flash games to a whole new level. When you swim underwater, you must watch out for air! Mario will only have a limited amount of air to swim underwater. When you are on land, watch out for creatures that will take away Marios health and could make you lose the game. As usual, you must collect coins and navigate through different worlds to reach your goal. Will you be able to rule the lands of Super Mario 63? Take a chance and find out!
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