Sydney Shark

Game Name: Sydney Shark

Game Categories: Action Games  Bloody Games  Adventure Games  More Adventure Games 
Experience shark adventures abroad with Sydney Shark!
If you have played the game Miami Shark then surely you will recognize Sydney Shark. If you havent, then you begin by playing Sydney Shark and they playing with his American cousin. Sydney Shark is a flash game that is available online for free and is easy and incredibly fun. The goal in this game is to create explosions, destroy things and generally cause mayhem in the Sydney shores. A powerful and ambitious shark will not be satiated until he destroys everything that invades his waters, from surfers to tourist boats to helicopters and airplanes! Sydney Shark includes new features that are not available in Miami Shark. There are more things to destroy and more points are up for grabs! Keep an eye out for bonus points and medals at the end of each game, which you can collect and combine with awards from other games. Take on these new waters and make the shark king in Sydney Shark!
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