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Torture Game

Torture Game

Game Name: Torture Game

Game Categories: Action Games  Bloody Games  Skill Games  Mini Games  Scary Games  Gun Games  
Torture Game allows you to Star in your own horror scene
Have you ever wanted to take part in a horror movie scene? Torture Game is your chance to play the bad guy without actually hurting anybody! Torture Game allows you to torture a virtual dummy in many ways without causing real harm. There is a life indicator at the bottom of the screen which will tell you how much life the dummy has and it will announce when the dummy reaches death. You can do anything to the dummy in Torture Game: paint it, impale it, nail it, cut it into pieces with a chainsaw, and more. Aside from making your horror movie fantasies come true, Torture Game is a good way to release stress or anger for free and in a safe online environment. Remember: as long as you dont take it beyond the computer, its okay! Give in to your curiosity and torture-related doubts: play around with the dummy in a harmless Torture Game.
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