Trapshoot tests your reflex skills
Trapshoot is an online strategic game combining with a flash feel that has very unique graphics, in a sense that it is somewhat cute, comparing to other net based games out in the market. Trapshoot, as with other reflex games, has different modes to choose from, all of them are free to use. The application has four shooters to choose from and a variety of targets. The object of the free game is to find and shoot as many targets as possible. The player is enabled to capture various varieties of animals, use artillery of weapons, and blow as many targets as possible. The application also renders the player to learn how to control the mouse well as well as to take aim while not being distracted by other forces. Some of the quick tips in Trapshoot are the following. Some animals have the ability increase their defense. Most weapons enable to use special shots and the player moves faster. These are only few from the other things you can still find in playing Trapshoot.

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