Xiao Xiao 3

Killer Machine Stick Figures with Xiao Xiao 3!
Do you dream of being a master soldier? Then try out Xiao Xiao 3! In this flash stick game you are a soldier that must face dangerous enemies while running through what looks like an qubic-style background. You have many moves to choose from, but you must time them well and use your controls wisely: your furious enemies in Xiao Xiao 3 will attack you all at once and the battle will not stop until you beat them all as well as the boss! The battle of Xiao Xiao 3 is made a little bit easier by mass weapons you might use in case of trouble. Warm out of a wall by using Caps button when you get stuck. Like many other free online stick games the Xiao Xiao 3 design is simple, but the controls in this free internet game are not complicated but require your full coordination. If you can beat Xiao Xiao 3, you truly are a super champion!

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