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Xiao Xiao 9

Xiao Xiao 9

Game Name: Xiao Xiao 9

Game Categories: Stick Games  Action Games  Fighting Games  Kids Games  More Games for Kids  
Xiao Xiao 9 Presents Stick Figures and Extreme Fights
Xiao Xiao 9, a great example of an online stick figure game, is very challenging considering the simple animation. Your character, a black stick figure, appears on a basic scene with a computer in the background. From the sides appear various purple and magenta stick figures which start attacking your character. In Xiao Xiao 9 with the keys of your choice (you set this up at the beginning) you must move, jump, and attack the enemies until their health is completely lowered. The most challenging part about this internet flash game Xiao Xiao 9 is that the enemies attack simultaneously, which forces you to jump and move quickly, then attack at once. There is no waiting around in this free game, the action continues until your enemies are down and out. Dont be fooled by the minimalistic approach to the characters, the enemies are actually very quick when they attack! Once you try Xiao Xiao 9 you will never see stick figure games the same way!

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